How do you boost your brand image?
Add shape and function to all your designs.

Help your brand stand out by adding shape to your business card, signs, stickers, brochures, folders, and other promos and teasers.
Express your ideas in a unique way and we'll add shape and function with die-cutting, creasing, and perforating. Whether it be a door hanger, a brochure holder, or other custom package, we can help.
Our craftsmen can make or alter dies, and build prototypes and product samples, allowing you to quickly test packaging, saving you time and money.

Put it all together with our expert finishing & binding services.

Put the final touch on your print with LAMA foiling, embossing, clear coating and laminating. Add a shine and a pop to your party invitations or sidewalk signs, and everything in between.
Put it all together in a neat package with LAMA binding services, including folding, binding, gluing, indexing, cutting and trimming, collating and gathering.

Two great choices. Real and practical OR fantasy and dramatic.
It's all possible with custom displays and wall coverings.

Show and tell with professionally-mounted wall coverings and custom-fabricatd displays. LAMA's in-house capabilities allow for finishing and assembly of large-format mounts and can supply most subtrates along with shipping materials.

Ask us how to make your ideas come to life. We're here to help.