Assembly & Handwork

What are you interested in?

Assembly... If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

LAMA services include hand workmanship where necessary, including: waxing, eyeletting, grometting, taping, guillotining, gluing, easelling, and skilled hand assembly.

From signs and banners to pocket folders and floor displays, our team goes above and beyond in providing finishing solutions that support your company’s marketing and educational efforts.


Mount anything.

Our mounting solutions are ideal for displaying small or large format items, including: posters, banners, and signage, made of most commonly used substrates such as foamcore, corrugated board, chipboard, canvas, or plexiglass, to name a few. LAMA has the capability to mount anything up to 54 inches wide by unlimited sheet sizes in length on a wide range of stock. From spot mounting to full mounting and everything in between, our team can build it, assemble it, and mount it.

cardboard packages ready for shipping

Packing & Shipping.

At LAMA, we’re all about efficiencies. We can pack and ship directly to you or your clients to save handling and cartage costs.

We can supply most substrates along with shipping material such as cut-out wraps, crease pads, slotted cartons, boxes, bags, most packaging materials and hardware for kits and displays, such as fasteners, supply hangers, channels, hooks, grommets, and more.

It's not done until it's finished by LAMA Cutting Inc.

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