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spatial design

Need ideas? You can count on us.

Your extraordinary designs deserve exceptional execution. We can do that. But if you need a little help to come up with ideas and make them fly, you can count on us.

Inspiration doesn’t always appear when you need it. That’s why you can rely on LAMA’s creative team to sketch out some concepts and brainstorm with you. We’ll help open your eyes to new ideas and creative solutions that will unfold exactly to plan. We know the tricks of the trade.

Out of the box design and execution.

We like to consider all possibilities and see where inspiration takes us. You expect the best and that’s our goal. Every element adds to the appeal of a creation. It should be unexpected and out of the box – uniquely perfect and precise, full of inspiration and promise, layers of purpose and meaning. It should speak volumes without uttering a word. A surprise filled with the weight of promise.

think outside the box

Prototypes to help you visualize the magic.

Every great idea is made real by our craftsmen right on our premises, using equipment and materials best suited for the project at hand. Often that requires mapping out exactly how the surprise will unfold by making a prototype or sample layout to help visualize the transformation. By modeling the final product before going into full-production mode, we can iron out any kinks or flaws or quickly test packaging for new products, thereby saving you time and money.

custom fabrication of barrel

What's the purpose? We can design and build it.

 Our team can design and build a simple or elaborate creation that combines traditional and contempory elements. It can be minimal and trendy or a ready-made template. Whatever the format, we’ll make it appealing and purposeful.

It's not done until it's finished by LAMA Cutting Inc.

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